Texturing => Ready for Animation

Started in Photoshop and then brought it into Mudbox to erase the seams.

fromMudbox Untitled-1


Cloth Experiments.

I wanted to make the fabric on the arms and back have ncloth dynamics on it so I experimented with that for a few days. However I have since found that Unity is unable to accept vertex animation, meaning the cloth wont move even with all the animation baked out into keyframes. I found a […]

Chara V2 Rigging.

The rig is that of a normal bipedal character with 4 digits. I have used IKs on the arms and legs to animate them quickly.

Character V2 Modelling

After Modelling and animating the smaller character, I wanted to expand on that and my process. So I’ve created a new character that I am going to have work in Unity and also create a custom controller for.

Interim Presentation.