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This whole final of the slide was done in 3 days. I had several issues such as the liquid only partly interacting with the mesh of the slide.


Shotgun to a wall. Fractured bodies could have been less bouncy.


What I probably spent the most time on. Rendered in Vray as an experiment.


Wine Shatter Final Playblast

Water Slide Playblasts

Please bear in mind that I did this in 2 days in what I thought was the hand in time.

I had some issues with the water interacting with the pipe despite having made all the pieces rigid passive bodies and active in simulation. The water only interacts with the objects a small amount.

Blender (Scrapped final)

I was going to do an egg in a blender but the computer could barely handle the amount of shards from the egg and did not like it one bit when I introduced my liquids into it.

It wasn’t going to simulate in time and when I did, It would freeze or crash about 1/3rd the way through. Also, the mesh would have been very complex and therefore hard to import and manipulate in Maya without it crashing a lot so I decided to scrap it in favour of a water-slide breaking. This was before we had the extension.


My best albumen liquid tests. They needed to be very thick and hold their shape together. The two that are closest together; the ones shown at the end are my best ones.

Wine Shatter Playblasts

I spent the most time on this and the blender. I tried making a realistic looking bullet rather than just a cone and made it move very very fast. It wasn’t as dramatic as the cone, but it felt more real.