My brand for this assignment is Macario Retro Drink. They are an Italian specialty drink like Phoenix drinks in NZ. They have a family heritage background to their name as they started it as a family recipe in northern Italy. The style is very 1950 Americano using semi-muted colours, pin stripes and visuals such as pin-up girls and Vespas. The target audience is similar to Phoenix overseas however they are not a known brand here and as such are marketed as a seasonal, summer drink for friends and such.

The style was changed to become simpler but still keeping that older feel and to incorporate the new character. The retro feel of the old packaging was nice but needed to be brought into a more modern situation. The colours were nice so they stayed reasonably the same. The designs on the bottle and cans were quite full on, covering the whole package. They were changed so you can see the liquid inside the bottles and the metal of the can creating a very clean effect to it. The layout of the labels became simpler and there are a few minor textures over it to pop the text and images out more.

The logo was changed to become more simple and crisp without all the little serifs and extras that came along with it. It now also works in different colours for varying situations. The tagline is written in Italian to reinforce the face that it is a foreign drink but also has a subtitle in English to show that it is in an English speaking country. The font is called American Captain which juxtaposes and reflects the retro style of the brand.

The character is a waiter because waiters are usually seen in café’s or restaurants and they stem from a higher form of society creating the feeling that they are classy. Similar to the marketing strategy of Bundaburg Lemon, Lime and Bitters where they had a waiter come out of a chillybin. In contrast to their pinup girls he can be seen as the character that serves all of them creating a more umbrella-ish effect over the brand. His bowtie changes colour depending on what flavour drink bottle he is on. He has a moustache and a neat hairdo to make him seem more refined.


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