Macario Business Pitch.

Macario, the rebirth of a beautiful Italian story
Pin-ups and unique flavours launched at Anuga Drinks.
In the Fifties, at Macario family, during the summer afternoons, grandmother Vittoria prepared refreshing
drinks for adults and children. Their ingredients were simple and natural, their flavours unforgettable, and who
tasted them was enthusiast. Macario family decided then to start a small homemade production, in order to
allow other people to taste the good drinks created by grandmother Vittoria. For some years the business went
well gaining in popularity with the public, then the aged founder stopped the activity. But the account of that
adventure, along with the memory of his grandmother and her recipes, nowadays has drawn one of the
grandsons to restart this project, maintaining the same spirit of that past time.
Macario, for the launch of its new line of drinks on the international market, has chosen Anuga Drinks, the most
important fair of the field. The Italian company introduces itself with four specialities, made with high-quality
ingredients, and distinguished by an original design that pay tribute to the happy time of the Fifties.
Classic Soda, Tonic Water, Chinotto and Red Orange: the specialties are now being offered to the public retaining
the taste and freshness of the past, but are produced with advanced equipment and methods, in the full respect
of the food industry rules.


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