Macario 2011 Press Release.

Retro Drinks with a fresh Image.


Rock’n’roll meets post modernism in the refreshing, all-natural soft
drinks by Macario S.r.l. Adorned with 1950s retro imagery, the
drinks have made a real splash in the market.

Company President, Mr. Alessandro Cazzani, is the grandson of an Italian entrepreneur who operated a soft drink company in the 1950s. We had the chance to speak to him during he 2011 ANUGA trade fair: “In 2011, Macario S.r.l. was born to produce soft drinks from traditional  ingredients by means of advanced technology. Al of our products are made from all-natural plants and do not contain any artificial additives.” Presented in an eyecatching vintage design, the drinks have been revamped to meet the tastes of modern consumers, and new ideas are constantly in the pipeline. “In 2011, we launched this powerful  image, which will be our flagship line in the summer of 2012,” points out Mr. Paolo Molinari, Sales Director.  The success of the company is largely based on a sophisticated marketing strategy. A dedicated design team has poured its creative energy into developing striking motives, featuring lollipop aesthetics and 1950s pin-up models, as well as a wide selection of attractive  merchandising products. “Our approach proved to be a success. Many companies ordered our products even before they knew what we had on offer,” says Mr. Cazzani. Anticipating the demand in the consumer market, Macario has  pioneered a new trend, as Mr. Molinari reports: “It almost seems as though many people had been  waiting for us and our products. Now, we are poised to conquer the  international markets.” The portfolio, made  up of retro-style Gassoda, Tonic Water, Red Orange and Chinotto, typical Italian agrum, also known as the Italian Coca Cola, is distributed to beverage and food companies who, in turn, sell the drinks to restaurants, pubs, fashion stores and other points of sale. “During the ANUGA 2011, we demonstrated that we have truly succeeded in capturing the flair and charm of the 1950s,” concludes Mr. Cazzani. “Everyone who walked past us did so with a smile on their faces. The drinks were cooled in a genuine oldschool Smeg refrigerator, we had decorated our stand in retro fashion, with a 1950s radio playing hits of the 1950s and Elvis and Sophia Loren adorning the walls.”


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