Understanding Brand Identities.

Icons which are one of the most frequently used methods are preferred by more and more brands to transfer a brand’s attributes and soul to the target audience in a concrete way. Some brands are appearing before consumers by renewing their old icons in the minds of consumers while some brands are just starting to exploit the power of this new brand instrument.

What is a brand icon? Certainly, you know lots of them, see everyday in many places. Most probably, you see them on TV, in metro station while waiting for metro, in a newspaper or magazines. Let’s define it explicitly and precisely: Brand icons are a kind of application tools that is used to present brand message. They help brand transfer its feature which the brand wants to emphasize and its image to consumers.

In the process of the formation of brand identity not only colors, fonts and logo creating integrity with brand icon have made companies and their agencies work through creative side much more but also brands have started to introduce their products around their own characters. This strategy might be regarded as a logical reason why communication agencies with a focus on creating brand icons or brand characters have come into the picture.

A brand icon might be something that helps refresh the brand in the minds of customers or something specific only to this brand. Although icon generally seems to be only compatible with visuality (vision sense), it is possible to say that other senses also are aimed to be stimulated as we define “brand icon”. Because the integrity which reflects all brand value and its intellectual background is created by character’s voice, image and texture of the product all together.

Within this line, brands definitely aim to communicate with customers effectively while creating an icon. Since icon is the best way of presenting a brand’s identity, brand creates its identity with fiction in line with icon in addition to preparing a character that represents itself and makes brand distinguishable. In this sense, connection between McDonald’s and Ronald McDonald seems to be successful. When people see Ronald McDonald, they say McDonald’s. This creates a greater advantage instead of telling something longer.

Icons are similar to a name and the aim of a brand is to revive the brand in the minds of customers as well as creating a connotation with icon. Especially, in the recent period many brands are using distinctive methods in order to be “catchy” and shine among others. Within this line, the growing interest of customers in brand icons has expanded the scope of campaigns, enriched the character with new additions of various figures and mimics to icons.





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