You are asked to re-design the graphics of an existing food/beverage label or package, incorporating your character into the image. The graphics are to be created using Adobe Illustrator, and demonstrate a sharp awareness of marketing appeal and the target audience of the product. You are to incorporate the name of the product and you may include other text if neccessary.
Think of your character as the public face or personification of your brand identity (this does not mean, however, that the character must be human). How would they move if animated? What would they sound like if they could speak, and what would they talk about? What mannerisms might they have- a twitch, manic laughter, a drooling problem? Asking yourself these types of questions will help you to develop a well-resolved mental picture of who (or what) your character is.
You are to collect examples of imagery which utilizes a character as the mascot for a product. Analyze this material in terms of the style, the target audience, and the brand values communicated in the design. This will be crucial in the development of your own solution, so be as thorough as possible.


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