Update on Interface.

These are a tweaked interface from last time.

The screen resolution that I am going to work with is 1080p for computer screens. This works with all high end screens and moves down into more normal HD screens. These are also the format most Smart TV’s use such as the ones from LG and Samsung.

Most mobile phone screens are also now using this ratio however the limit at the moment is probably about 1280×720 for phones like the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Sony’s Xperia range. The version for the 1080 screen is easily scalable down to the 720 screen however it is best if it is viewed sideways and that is how I will be designing it.

The lightbox screen is for when you want to book a space in the building. I have tried to make it as simple as possible to use and understand and I think this way works quite well. I took inspiration from the Windows phone menu and the ‘Reactive.com’ website. The window will slide in from the right and the rest of the screen will darken. The purple squares show which spaces are currently in use or will be in use during the time that you specify on the input boxes below.


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