My artist model is Reynan Sanchez who is a freelance comic artist in Mexico. His artwork is inspiring because though he is a comic artist, his use of line work is very limited and brash.  The elements that I have used in my self-portrait are the colours that he has used for his Watchmen images. The book represents the part in my bio about liking large books and being drawn into their worlds; hence being underneath/inside it. I am not being sheltered from the snow as that conflicts my biography but because I was ALREADY in the snow before entering the book, it means that this image represents double happiness. The warm clothes and cold breath illustrate that I do not actually like the cold, only the snow. The light shinning through from the outside is there because, you cant read books without light. The skin tone and highlights in the hair are part of the artist model’s characters as well as his environments. I did try get the text to glow like a glow-worm cave to represent the New Zealand feel but I found it was too hard and that one light source was enough. Reynan uses textures on his work to add effect to his pieces and that is what I have done too. I have used them on the book, background, skin, clothes and over the top of everything.


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