Nice navigation websites – some from design firms.

This is a whole bunch of very nice navigation websites. My favourite is

This is just amazing. By using the controls at the top, it brings what your interests to the top of the page. The tiling of different sized boxes is really cool.

The whole website’s fade in/out tiles are cool, but the best thing is under the Capabilities section in the About area. The swinging motion of those rollovers is awesome.

– nice side scrolling, a little less conventional than the vertical scrolling we’re used to.

A design firm doing some really nice digital based work. The website is also cool as it sort of moves through pages by going down and across.

– side transitions with elements over the top

Very simple website with nice big plain buttons that is also responsive.

– nice gridwork and how it coincides with the highlighting on the navigation bar.

The pages transition like a camera shutter almost.


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