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Concept for Screen Design.

I have used my colour scheme, new title and played with the layout a bit. I think it is still a little ‘clunky’ though I have tried to remedy it by rounding off some edges and making them softer.

The good thing about this interface is that it will be able to just stretch and scale down to mobile size as well as fit most screen sizes just by scaling. The news boxes are dynamic so they can shuffle with the change.

The boxes themselves have rollovers on them so they wont stay blue. They will go back to their original colours when rolled over.


Follow up with Fonts and Colour Palette.


These fonts are ones I liked.

I settled on Helvetica for the header this typeface is a standard everywhere.

For general text inside the website I used Benton Sans as seen here:

That website was on your Twitter feed and I really liked it.


The new name for the website, putting Te Ara Hihiko aside, I thought of MWD – Massey Wellington Design. But that seemed too formal, so I changed it to My Way Design and then My Way Done. Then I decided It was getting rather hard to stick with MWD so I changed it to MWI; Massey Wellington Innovation which sounds more interesting. Or, My Way In. Seeing as it is a website for Students to be able to use the new building to further their design career and skills more efficiently and easier.


Photos taken at the building.

Websites that I thought were nice and would work with various elements of what I am trying to achieve.

Colour theory from sampling the photos and then combined in and  to see if they would work aesthetically.

3D Model Screens.

Drawings For Desktop Layout.