Script Meeting.

4. They APPROACH THE IN-MOST CAVE, cross a second threshold

where they endure the ORDEAL

– Hamish

– Logan

– Josh


Script Ideas so far

Ordeal =defeat villain in order to: stop ugly curse or fix broken amulet or retrieve your stolen book

How? / Objective = take the key and use it to stop the ugly curse.

(or whatever the goal will be) fix amulet?

Villain = Brawny enemy (battle of brains VS brawn).


Option 1

Situation arises where he can save a character or use the magical key (or other object) to stop his ugly curse.

He sacrifices the key to save someone who is about to die or a book/ something of value to him or simply to beat the bad guy.


Hero throws key so the evil guy goes after it instead – villain has trouble picking up key because of his large hands or inability. – hero pushes enemy over and defeats him.


Option 2

Pretext : villain steals books.

Hero comes bursting into the in most cave ready to fight the bully but finds the bully trying to learn how to read with difficulty. Hero is conflicted as to whether or not they still confront the villain.

Either still destroys the bully


Walks up to bully sits down beside them and picks up an ABC book. Bully is grateful. Hero asks where the other part of his key/talisman/amulet. Bully points him onto the next area

Exit scene.

Option 3

The villain has stolen the other half of this amulet/talisman/key and is using it to make himself all powerful.

The hero encounters the bully who is now much larger than he is.

The bully attacks and thrashes the hero -> lowest point.

The hero then calls upon some “knowledge” he has acquired from reading his books. He uses the bully’s power to his advantage, the bully swings, misses and causes the environment around him to crumble on top of him. The hero jumps onto the bully and using his “knowledge” dislodges the piece of the amulet, defeating the bully.



Possible alternative endings


Hero ends up almost dead/ falls off a building or something or is on the ground. – Next group takes scene from here


Key is lost forever and hero remains ugly – the reward will have to be something else.


Villain is defeated and key is safe and sound – double win


Villain and hero become best buddies


Brutally murders villain by dismemberment and mutilation– takes head into next scene


Villain runs away – gets into some kind of trouble where he will die – hero saves the villain


Hero dies, villain takes hero’s identity and carries on story


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