Movie Analysis of Phase 4.

Spirited Away

Because this is a foreign film, it does not cohere strictly to the story model. Also, Hayao Miyazaki would be the only director in the world that could get away with producing a near plotless film (My Neighbor Totoro).

However, “entering the cave” would be when No-Face enters the bathhouse and starts to rampage. This is a dilemma for the antagonist, Yubaba as it is her ‘cave’ being ruined. Sen/Chihiro tells Yubaba that she can get rid of No-Face which she does by feeding him the river spirit’s dumpling and having it chase her out of the bathhouse. This can be considered ‘the ordeal’. The ‘rock bottom’ scene would be when she feeds him the dumpling she was saving for her parents.

Kung-Fu Panda

Again, not fully following the model, Tai Lung (antagonist) infiltrates the ‘cave’ that the protagonist and allies are trying to protect. Instead of offence, it is defence of the Dragon Scroll. The fight is between Master Shifu and Tai Lung, which Shifu loses and Po comes and picks up afterwards. The rest of the fight can be considered phase 5 as Po returns to the ‘cave’ but also his ‘ordinary world’. Po’s appearance at the end of Shifu’s fight could be the ‘defeat’ of the boss in a way.


The ‘cave’ is the bridge where the captain and Auto have their fight and/or the large area where the plant is being put. Wall-e suffers a near death experience during this scene and is unknowingly rescued by the captain turning Auto off and all his allies working together to get the plant into the machine. His role as a hero is almost passive; he does do a fair amount of legwork but he is supported by the majority of other characters which he brings together.


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