Using techniques demonstrated in class, students will provide a concept drawing of their
character, and a storyboard illustrating the story. Note, the storyboard will be developed into
a “story-reel”, or animatic – a blocked out, pose-to-pose, low quality animation in a video
Following approval, the character will be modelled, following good modelling techniques,
UV textured if required, rigged and made ready for animating, and a final animatic will be

You are asked to develop up to two character’s, the Hero Character and a secondary
character the hero encounters upon the journey. This second character could be a
shadow, a villain, a mentor, guardian, trickster, shape shifter or an ally.It could be a copy
of the second character, or the hero character could communicate with themselves. The
development of both characters will be informed, or inform the narrative within each section.
The aesthetic for your character will be influenced by the pop-surreal Pictoplasma style
of character, so that as characters transition from each segment, they will have a similar
The character will have some specific, visible physical characteristic and subsequent
behaviour and mood.

For this project, You will work as a class to develop a narrative through a series of story
development exercises. The story will follow the “Hero’s Journey” structure. The set-up of the
hero’s journey narrative is separated into six equally important segments.


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