Artist Model #1 – Reynan Sanchez.

“I am Reynan Sanchez, a traditional/digital artist who loves to create fantasy art and a huge fan of Mr. Frazetta and his creations.”

“The range of color and panels this Reynan Sanchez piece displays is reminiscent of the style and urgency of Frazetta’s earlier studies.  I love this one.”
Paul Hellard


Reynan’s work uses strong contrasts between light and dark tones and rarely uses outlines despite drawing influence from a more famous comic book artist, Frank Frazetta. Frank’s paintings are what he has been influenced by. I like Reynan’s work because It’s quite rough around the edges and some areas are barely more than flat colours giving, to me at least, the impression he sort of just decided to move on, though it works really well and is most likely intentional. I like how he does not use that much outline, which I am usually unable to do. When he uses black, it always blends into his characters, joining the background and foreground together. When he doesn’t, his rendering has a gradient effect over it.

What I like most is that although it is still quite comic bookish, there is a level of maturity to his work. I really like cartoons and such that either have mature humor or stories in them because it’s like your childhood grows up with you.


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